Art by めぐみRate and/or fav the artist!~


Art by めぐみ
Rate and/or fav the artist!~

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dornesunspear whispered:

Hi Annabel! First, your blog is stunning and your colourings are gorgeous! Second, I've been loving your gifsets and thought I'd ask you to tag them with #studioghibligif. There's also a #studioghibliedit tag for non-gif edits. The tags were created by me months ago for the ghibli fandom (based on similar tags in my other fandoms like #gotgif or #hpedit). They're meant to be repost-free, graphics/gifs only places. Hope to see your work in the tags! (from studio-ghibli-gifs/Rafa)

Hey there and thank you ♥! Oh sure nice idea~ I’ve added the tags to my current edits and i’ll try and remember to use them in the future :D


  • best comedy anime: Gintama
  • best dramatic anime: Gintama
  • best romance anime: Gintama
  • best slice of life anime: Gintama
  • best fighting anime: Gintama

I can’t sleep.So here, have a Koujaku doodle~

I can’t sleep.
So here, have a Koujaku doodle~